Spinal Orthotic Device Intervention Officer

What is Spinal Orthotic Device Intervention?

Spinal orthoses, or orthopedic back braces, changing from an “off the shelf” soft support to a complicated, custom made rigid orthotic. Like other orthotics, a spinal orthosis is named for the neck/spine/back area that is treated by the orthotic device.

Pain, fractures, and scoliosis are just some of the issues that can be helped by using different spinal orthotic devices. There are numerous spinal devices available, both custom and off the shelf.

The orthosis can preserve a body part from further injury or replace a body part’s position. The clinician’s preference should be to determine which spinal motion to control.

At New You Chiropractic we use specific corrective spinal orthotic device intervention to give you the best results possible.

Benefits of Spinal Orthotic Device Intervention

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