Spinal Orthotic Device Intervention Oakleigh

What is Spinal Orthotic Device Intervention?

Spinal orthoses have a great history of being utilised for the correction and prevention of spinal damages. The primary goals of spinal orthoses are to help a weak muscle group, correct a curved body part, and keep the balance of a fractured spine.

The orthosis can preserve a body part from further injury or replace a body part’s position. The clinician’s preference should be to determine which spinal motion to control.

Good clinical outcomes can be maximised through proper selection, use, and application of orthosis. Technology has revamped the field of orthotics, with newer orthoses that are stronger and lighter.

At New You Chiropractic we use specific corrective spinal orthotic device intervention to give you the best results possible.

Benefits of Spinal Orthotic Device Intervention

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