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What is Myotherapy?

Our myotherapists evaluate, treat and control pain, injury and dysfunction of the body. They concentrate on the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain. They can use dry needling and electrotherapy to improve your treatment and give you the most satisfactory outcomes.

Long term, you may have sustained an injury during exercise or sport or hurt your muscles through everyday wear-and-tear. No matter the cause of the symptoms, the myotherapists can bring you a holistic and beneficial treatment. We form a unique treatment plan to address your particular concerns in the short and long term.

Trained to adapt to clients requirements, our myotherapists adjust treatment plans to guarantee a better outcome. We assess your needs at the start of treatment, and we constantly monitor and adjust for your body’s requirement

Increase your soft tissue and musculoskeletal health by reducing knots, adhesions and fibrous tissue from your muscles and connective tissues.

Signs and Symptoms of Musculoskeletal pain

Pain that is caused by muscle tissue or myofascia is called myofascial pain. Symptoms may include:

Myotherapy Treatment May Help With;

Techniques Myotherapy Treatment include

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