Dr Peter Vrakatselis

Dr Peter Vrakatselis


The Principal Chiropractor and Director of the New You Health Group is Dr Panayiotis (Peter) Vrakatselis.

After managing one of Australia’s largest allied health groups for the past 7 years Dr Peter decided it was time to go on his own, and change the way allied health in Australia works.

Dr Peter believes the meaning of life is to serve others, thus his philosophy is simple, I am here to Serve You!

After years in high volume practice Dr Peter was tired of being in a production line type system where patient interaction was in and out.

Dr Peter knows that health practice is very much based on trust and aims to be honest and open and guide you in the best possible way through your health journey.

Being both a qualified Chiropractor and Myotherapist Dr Peter brings a well rounded approach to health care not often seen in the industry.

Having managed one of the largest patient bases in Australia for many years, Dr Peter has helped many different types of musculoskeletal and neurostructural conditions in his career.

Dr Peter has completed many post graduate training courses ranging from Sports therapy, pediatrics and pre and post natal management, kinesio taping, and many more.

The most distinguished being the rare and sought after upper neck therapy, Atlas Orthogonal Technique. Dr Peter is one of only 15 Chiropractors in Australia that currently hold this qualification.

My Why in life is to serve others, to serve You! There is no greater purpose in life than serving others, especially in my line of work where I can help people live a pain free better quality life.

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