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There are various underlying health problems; one of them is herniated disc. Herniated Disc can happen to anyone at any age but is more prevalent in older populations or those with severe physical activity for extended periods.

Chiropractic is a non-invasive natural approach and one of the world’s largest allied health therapies. Various treatments are available for this, and chiropractic is one of them. If you are looking for any help, contact New You Chiropractic. We have over 10+ years of experience and have helped many patients with herniated disc injuries.

This article discusses Herniated Disc causes, symptoms, prevention, and how chiropractic may help you with the herniated disc.

What is a herniated disc?

As the disk breaks down, or with continued stress on the spine, the inner nucleus pulposus may rupture from the annulus.

The disc material fragments may push on the nerve roots directly behind the disc space. This might cause pain, weakness, numbness, or changes in sensation.

The pain results from spinal nerve inflammation and swelling caused by the pressure of the herniated disc.

Causes Of herniated disc


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Age is a significant contributor to disc herniation. Over time, your spinal discs naturally and gradually lose liquid volume, known as degenerative disc disease.

The water content in the discs decreases with ageing, making the discs less flexible. The gaps between the vertebrae get smaller, and the discs start to contract. The discs become more vulnerable to herniation as a result of natural ageing.


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Trauma is the second most common cause of a herniated disc. A disc can also rupture due to high-impact trauma, such as a vehicle accident or a tumble. It can also happen due to overstressing a spinal disc when you twist or lift anything heavy.

Symptoms of a herniated disc

A herniated cervical disc can strain a cervical spinal nerve, causing discomfort, pins & needles, numbness, or paralysis in the neck, shoulders, or arms.

A large cervical spine disc contains a specific can result in leg weakness, numbness, stiffness, and possibly some issues with bowel and bladder control because they can compress the spinal cord within the spinal canal.

Although disc herniation can occur anywhere along the spine, it most frequently occurs in the neck and lowers back. If the herniation is minimal, you might have no symptoms at all.


Can a Chiropractor Treat a Herniated Disc

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Chiropractic care is one effective natural method in treating herniated discs. Many treatment plans begin with spinal manipulation.

New You Chiropractic carefully examines and treats the issue with caution and care. Specific methods ensure quality care that can rehabilitate the herniated disc and reduce inflammation on the nerves.

New You Chiropractic can realign the spine to relieve inflammation-related discomfort. Chiropractic therapy is also a natural technique to treat herniated discs.

While prescription medicine has its uses. It also has many risks and side effects, and it is simply a temporary remedy because symptoms reappear once the medicine is removed from the body.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Stretching tight muscles near the herniated disc on your own or with equipment will be recommended by your chiropractor. This can help in reducing or eliminating nerve compression.

The intensity of your herniated disc determines it. Talk to your chiropractor about home workouts if you wish to speed up your recovery. You may be able to conduct certain activities on your own schedule to help repair your spine.

Micro Surgery

The surgeon creates a 1-2 inch incision in the centre of your back. The spinal muscles are dissected and pulled aside to expose the vertebra to reach the injured disc.

A piece of the bone is removed to expose the nerve root and disc. Special instruments are used to delicately remove the piece of the ruptured disc that is in contact with your spinal nerve.

Approximately 80-85 % of individuals recover effectively from a discectomy and can return to their usual employment within 6 weeks.

A herniated disc is a medical issue that develops over long periods. Although seen more often with aging, it can also happen to younger people.

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