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People are unfamiliar with the benefits of chiropractic care and are sometimes hesitant to try it. The non-invasive, drug-free solutions that chiropractic care provides can benefit many people. A family chiropractor focuses on whole-body health for patients of any age.

Chiropractic care aims to restore proper alignment and function to the spine, which can help decrease pain and improve overall health and wellness. Chiropractors use various techniques, including spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, and exercise rehabilitation, to help patients achieve optimal health.

At New You Chiropractic, our team guarantees the best communication, an honest approach to your needs, and the well-being of all our patients ranging in age from adults to elders.

Chiropractic care for the whole family

New You Chiropractic take a patient-centric approach to boost the health and wellness of their groups by supporting people of all ages to live a healthy life.

Babies & Children

children neck pain

Children and babies can benefit from chiropractic care in lots of ways. Research on pediatric chiropractors has shown development in children with ear infections and reflux issues.

Early arbitration is essential when it comes to childhood chiropractic care. The more Dr Peter Vrakatselis can identify and adjust a misalignment, the better! Working with a chiropractor supports children through alignment changes stemming from growth spurts.

Pregnant & Postpartum Patients

Patients can notice the relief of pregnancy-related aches and pains from chiropractic care. The body undergoes many changes both during pregnancy and after giving birth.

The spine-strengthening advantages of prenatal chiropractic allow the body to support the extra weight of pregnancy. Addressing the unique needs of pregnancy through chiropractic care can also better prepare the body for childbirth.


shoulder pain
The nervous system plays a significant and essential part in self-healing, and chiropractic care ensures your spine and nerves function at their best. This helps your body through the healing process after an injury. We see adult patients at New You Chiropractic for chronic and acute chiropractic concerns.


Older individuals can benefit from chiropractic care, too! Regular adjustments support spine strength and reduce risk factors for falls like pain and vertigo.

People who have suffered a stroke have also been shown to see improvement in muscle strength thanks to chiropractic adjustments.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care can improve health without surgery because it works into your body’s healing ability. In comparison, there are thousands of benefits to chiropractic care.

Here are 5 reasons for choosing chiropractic care

Pain Relief

back pain tretment
The ultimate aim of chiropractic is to help reduce pain and help patients better manage their condition. Chiropractors get to the root cause to prevent recurring pain. Most patients can feel immediate pain relief after their first chiropractic treatment.

No More Painkillers

Painkillers mask the problem instead of correcting it. These medicines stop the pain signals being sent to your brain. So, in reality, your pain is still there, and you don’t feel it. Chiropractic care will eliminate the cause, and therefore, no need to take painkillers.

Stress Relief

Stress showcases itself in many ways, which include anxiety, shortness of breath, depression, stomach problems, back pain, fatigue, etc. Chiropractic care helps you get stress back under control by eliminating pain, improving your sleep, and all other stress-related problems.

Better Sleep

sleep well
Having the right amount of sleep is essential to your overall health. Pain is one of many things that keeps people uneasy at night. Family chiropractors can address these issues and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Working Out Is Easier

Sometimes even a simple workout will seem impossible, so exercise becomes less of a priority. Chiropractic adjustments will support you to keep your nervous system working. Thus you can enjoy activities pain-free.

At New You Chiropractic, we use chiropractic adjustments to reduce pain and allow you to live a painless life.

What Are Spinal Manipulation or Chiropractic Adjustments?

One of the most common and famous therapeutic procedures chiropractors perform is spinal manipulation, also known as chiropractic adjustment.

Spinal adjustments are to restore joint strength by manually putting a controlled force into joints that can cause a decreased range of motion– or restricted movement.

A single painful event, such as the improper lifting of a heavy object or auto injury, can cause tissue injury. It can also bring on repetitive stresses. Chiropractic adjustment of the affected joint and tissues will help to restore mobility.

Family chiropractors often work closely with other healthcare experts, such as primary care physicians and physical therapists, to provide comprehensive patient care.
Overall, a family chiropractor can be a valuable healthcare provider for individuals and families looking for a natural, drug-free approach to managing pain and improving overall health and wellness.

We aim to provide complete chiropractic care for you and your family at New You Chiropractic. We do this through consultation, evaluation, and examination. We focus on successfully treating spinal conditions in a welcoming, comfortable, friendly family environment.

For more information on the advantages of chiropractic care and how they can benefit you, don’t hesitate to contact our locations to schedule a consultation at the New You Chiropractic. Find us here to learn more about our services.

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