Causes Of Facet Joint Pain

If you are experiencing back pain or difficulty twisting or bending, it is most likely due to facet joint pain. If you have facet syndrome, you might have lower back pain extending to the pelvis and legs.

26% of people have been reported to suffer from facet syndrome. Facet syndrome causes pain due to spinal nerve root compression and facet and disc irritation.

At New You chiropractic, we welcome patients in Officer and Oakleigh who may suffer from facet arthropathy. We use a tailor-made Chiropractic approach to help plan a treatment plan to deliver maximum relief to facet joints and the overall spine.

What is facet syndrome?

Facet joints move continuously. As a result, they experience ongoing stress and are likely to deteriorate as they age. Age-related degenerative or wear-and-tear changes to the facet joints can cause facet syndrome, a painful spinal condition.

The cartilage which covers them and provides lubrication for their motion becomes thin. When a facet joint’s cartilage is damaged or worn, the joint will become inflamed, triggering pain signals in nearby nerve endings.

What causes facet joint pain

Facet pain worsens with activities that cause spine movements such as bending, twisting and lifting. It usually won’t go away if the problem continues for longer than two weeks and needs to be treated.

A more frequent cause of excessive stress and strain is degenerative alterations to the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. These joints may become inflamed and painful as a result of abnormal postures. The facet joints are subjected to heavier loads as a result.

Common causes of facet joint syndrome include:

1 . Trauma

causes of facet pain

This disorder may be exacerbated by whiplash and other sorts of trauma. The cartilage and joint surface of the facet might become overloaded or degenerate, which results in the facet joints’ discomfort and inflammation.

2 .Degenerative Changes

The most frequent cause of facet joint syndrome, which causes pain in the thoracic, cervical, and lumbar spine, is degeneration (wear and tear of the spine).

3 . Genetics

According to experts, facet joint disease may be predisposed to by genetics. An increased chance of getting facet joint disease may result from a family history.

Genetics facet pain

Facet joint pain how chiropractic can help

The only thing that directly targets and fixes the mobility of the facet joints is chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractors reintroduce motion into the spine’s facet joints when they adjust.

Every minute of the day, your spine is put to use. Thus it is advisable to routinely have it checked and adjusted to ensure it is functioning correctly. Better communication between the body and the brain and between two is possible.

In addition, after the adjustment, a chiropractor can restore joint motion; it is important to exercise to improve posture and strengthen weak muscles to support the spine and its proper motion better.

Simply because you cannot see something does not mean it is irrelevant. You need to take care of the joints in the spine to maintain the healthiest life possible.

Examine patient for facet pain

Treatment can involve:

  • Manipulation and adjustments of the spine to release the muscle spasm.
  • Exercise is recommended, and the chiropractor will suggest specific movements to help strengthen the back muscles to support the spine and relieve the pain.
  • The chiropractor might recommend heat or cold therapy to help control pain.
  • Our chiropractor will give you exercises at home to retrain muscles and help you gain or maintain good posture.

Facet joint pain can be recurrent and sometimes lead to chronic neck pain if not treated effectively and cared for by making long-term preventive changes.

Dr Panayiotis (Peter) Vrakatselis is a chiropractor who has worked in the healthcare industry for 15 years and helped diverse patients live pain-free lives. If you want help with facet pain, book an appointment today.

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