Chiropractic Helps In Cervicogenic Headaches

When our head is distressed, we call it a headache. But there are many headaches; not all head pains are similar.

Cervicogenic headaches are generally caused by the neck, not the head itself. Cervicogenic headaches result from a spinal problem in the neck, such as joint arthritis. This pain may increase to the top of the head.

This article discusses precisely the symptoms and treatment of cervicogenic headaches. Also provides information about Cervicogenic Headaches.

What is a cervicogenic headache?

Cervicogenic headaches are subordinate headaches caused by problems with the bones, nerves or soft tissues in the neck or cervical spine area. The pain generally starts in the neck and travels up to the head.

This headache can be a debilitating medical condition that seriously impacts your quality of life. This headache can be caused by trauma to the head and neck or osteoarthritis of the cervical pain joints.

Symptoms of cervicogenic headaches

Man having headache

One of the most common signs of a cervicogenic headache is feeling sharp due to a sudden movement.

Another sign would be getting head pain when the neck has been stationary for an extended period.

Some other signs and symptoms may include the following:

  • Inability to move your neck
  • Pain in one side of the head
  • Head pain while coughing, sneezing and taking a deep breath
  • Photo phobia.

If you are undergoing cervicogenic headaches and looking for the best treatment, then New You chiropractic can help you get rid of the headache.

How chiropractic helps in cervicogenic headaches

Headache due to screen time

Chiropractic care contains many techniques for managing headaches and preventive procedures, such as passive and active exercise, spinal manipulation and massage.

Despite the fact that chiropractic treatment is commonly used to prevent physical pains and issues, it has also been proven to help treat cervicogenic headaches.

It generally manipulates two methods including:

Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation is when chiropractors adjust the existing position of the spine into the correct position with focused force on specific points in the spine. It helps to reduce the stress on nerves and easy movements and can reduce the intensity of headaches.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is vital in cervicogenic treatment. It includes treatment like mobility exercises, gentle stretches, and even hot and cold therapy.

This can help to manage inflammation, increase blood pressure and movement in the neck and strengthen the muscles.

For reducing cervicogenic headaches, there are different treatments available. But, we are the best in cervicogenic treatments and have skilled chiropractors. We promise to treat and care for you with honest, warm and professional service.

How Effective Chiropractic treatment

Some people ask, is chiropractic effective? Yes. It is a much more effective method to relieve pain. It is an alternative method of medicine to cure pain.

The motto of chiropractic treatment is to cure pain in the body with the help of chiropractors, without surgery. This treatment helps to mitigate pain and be effective in daily life. It is proven that chiropractic treatments are fully effective.

Chiropractic treatment for headache

Chiropractic treatments for cervicogenic headaches continue to grow. New You Chiropractic helps in all levels of cervicogenic headaches.

We have over 15 years of experience in this industry and have professional chiropractors. To know more about chiropractic treatments, call us at 1300 063 996 or book an appointment. Contact us for more enquiry.

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