When to Go to a Chiropractor

a Chiropractor
There are multiple reasons why you want to see a Chiropractor. Maybe you’ve tried other treatment alternatives with no success. Or -maybe you are just seeking a more natural approach to treat your health issues. A Chiropractor can allow you drug-free treatment options that are reliable and effective. Let’s take a see the top ten health problems we successfully treat every day at New You Chiropractic:

Here Are Few Condition When You Should Go to a Chiropractor

Back Pain

Chiropractic therapy for neck and back pain is amazingly effective. People with poor posture tend to get that way because something is somewhat out of adjustment within the spine. As a method of decreasing pain, a patient may shift their position, and unknowingly increasing the problem and causing it to spread. 

A Chiropractor can treat the cause of the pain, sometimes in a single visit. The outcome is that the patient is then capable of using correct posture and being pain-free.

Neck Pain

As above, neck pain can be the result of bad posture. With chiropractic adjustments, the whole spine, including the back and neck, can be put back into proper adjustment, decreasing neck pain.

Pain and Tingling

We have treated many patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome who feel pain, tingling and even numbness in their wrists. Usually, these types of symptoms are the result of compression on the carpal tissues within the wrist. The accused? Very usually, the bones within the arms, wrists and hands require an adjustment.


By treating other structures within the body, like the neck and back, many types of headaches can be managed and healed. Research by Duke University found that chiropractic therapy for headaches was more efficient than taking pain medications!


Let’s face it, and when our body hurts, it can cause us to feel tiredness and fatigue. The body is constantly attempting to fight the pain, which can wear us down. The good news is that most of our patients AT New you Chiropractic report a feeling of invigoration following the treatment.

Poor Sleep Quality

Many people experience poor sleep quality due to pain issues within the body. On top of creating sleep interruptions, it can also lead to some of the other signs. We all know that a night’s sleep is one of the most important things we can provide our body to allow it to restore while we sleep. Healing body pain with chiropractic treatment can help increase your sleep quality and decrease other symptoms created by a lack of sleep.


Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced world, life is hectic, and most of us probably feel that we have too much going on. Stress is one of the most serious conditions to suffer from because it usually manifests physically in the body while it starts in the mind. Even if you don’t have pain, chiropractic therapies can help decrease your body and soul stress. Think of it as a spa therapy – one that not only makes you feel good bodily but also makes you feel better emotionally.

Injuries Due to Car Accidents

We have many patients who have been referred to us after being injured in car accidents. Soft tissue injuries can be challenging to treat. With chiropractic therapies, the key is recovering the body’s muscles and bones to their natural. The result is that soft tissue damages heal much faster due to being properly supported by the skeletal system.

Reducing the Use of Painkillers

One of the most vital advantages of chiropractic therapy is that it’s a natural way to treating pain. There are so many different dangerous pain medicines on the market, many of which are habit-forming. We encourage our patients to overcome and eventually discontinue the use of these risky medications. The only side effects they have are enhanced overall health!

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