Welcome to New You Chiropractic

Welcome to A New You!

A New You, living your best life in every way possible. How different would your life be without pain? Stop living with pain, discomfort, body stress and tension.

Free yourself from daily pain and discomfort. The team at New You Chiropractic will help you to relieve the symptoms of back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines and much more.

The New You Difference

New You Chiropractic Mission

Our sole purpose is to Serve You!

New You Chiropractic works to serve You, to help you achieve your health goals, and improve your overall quality of life.

We will relieve your pain, and empower you to get your life back, on Your terms.

Our treatment focuses on RESTORING healthy movement, REPAIRING your injuries and REVITALIZING your body, one treatment at a time.

New You Chiropractic has been serving the communities of southeast Melbourne for over 10 years and prides itself on offering a warm, honest and family feel approach to healthcare.

We aim to provide the highest possible standard of professional care, that is also convenient, affordable, holistic and custom made for your individual health goals.

We see many patients with many different presentations, be it acute injury pain relief, chronic condition management, wellness management, preventative intervention care, sports chiropractic, family wellness care and more.

Our New You Promise is to treat and care for you the person first, with honest, warm and professional service.

At New You Chiropractic we aim to deliver a unique patient experience unlike any before, we aim to change to your life in the best way possible.

The New You Difference

Dr Panayiotis (Peter) Vrakatselis

Meet the Doctor

The Principal Chiropractor and Director of New You Chiropractic is

Dr Panayiotis (Peter) Vrakatselis.

After managing one of Australia’s largest allied health groups for the past 7 years Dr Peter decided it was time to go on his own, and change the way allied health in Australia works.

Dr Peter believes the meaning of life is to serve others, thus his philosophy is simple, ‘”I am here to Serve You!”

After years working in mechanistic pain based practice Dr Peter was tired of being in that type of system where patient education about Wellness and Vitalism was non existent.

Dr Peter believes, “You are born to be healthy, not sick and not in pain. The human body is the pinnacle of creation and we don’t know our full health potential”.

With over 15 years in the healthcare industry Dr Peter has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and works to empower patients to increase their health knowledge, to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Dr Peter knows that health practice is very much based on trust and aims to be honest and open and guide you in the best possible way through your health journey.

Being both a qualified Chiropractor and Myotherapist Dr Peter brings a well rounded approach to health care not often seen in the industry.

Having managed one of the largest patient bases in Victoria for many years, Dr Peter has helped many different types of musculoskeletal and neurostructural conditions in his career.

Dr Peter has completed many post graduate training courses ranging from Sports therapy, pediatrics and pre and post natal management, kinesio taping, and many more.

The most distinguished being the rare and sought after upper neck therapy, Atlas Orthogonal Technique. Dr Peter is one of only 15 Chiropractors in Australia that currently hold this qualification.

For more information and to contact Dr Peter please email info@newyouchiropractic.com.au or Call 13000 NEW YOU (1300 063 996)

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